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Experience winter Hiking in Queenstown

“Hiking in wintertime is worth the extra layers”

What I love about about hiking in the winter is the quietness and stillness out on the trails. I often find myself completely alone in winter months. Less crowds, empty trails and alone with nature can make hiking in winter fantastic. The landscape is different. Snow transforms beautiful forests, bare trees offer views that are harder to see when covered in leaves, lakes become “mirror like” offering majestic reflections of snow capped mountains.

The Crunch of snow, the chatter of birds and the bubbling of rivers and creeks become more audible in the quiet of winter hiking.

If your considering a winter hike it is important to be well prepared and that safety is well considered in advance.

Check the weather before venturing out, research weather conditions of the area your hiking in.

Remember there is shorter daylight hours, hiking in winter can be more challenging and slower going. Give yourself enough time and daylight to complete the hike.

Always let someone know where you’re going and your expected time of completion.

Ensure clothing is wool or merino and made up of base, mid and outer layers. Wear good sturdy hiking or trail shoes with wool or merino socks. A beanie and gloves are a good idea too.

Pack food and drink. Hydrating regularly is important even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Don’t let the cold put you off from experiencing natures winter wonderland. There are many safe and beautiful trails to choose from in the Queenstown area. Check out Bobs Cove, Native forest and cove hike, Mt Crichton, Mountain and mining hike and explore Arrowtown, Historic Arrow River Hike.

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