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Why Moke Lake is the best short hike in Queenstown

Winding down the gravel farm road towards Moke Lake you instantly feel like your hundreds of kilometres away from the hustle and bustle of Queenstown.

I feel instantly relaxed and find myself becoming more self aware, contemplative and expectant about the upcoming hike.

No Matter how often I hike Moke Lake I’m always blown away by the stunning beauty of surrounding mountain ranges and peaks, vast alpine landscape and the lake itself that portrays such clear and accurate imagery of everything that surrounds it.

Honestly, I would rate myself as a pretty average photographer, but Moke Lake has enabled me to produce some beauties.

The Moke Lake loop track starts in the DOC camping ground and leads you on a light to moderate trek around the entire lake. It’s a beautiful, peaceful hike through wetlands, grassy paddocks, a peninsula of Beech forest and the native flora and fauna of Queenstown’s alpine environment.

The hike will take you around 2.5 hours to complete. It’s not uncommon to come across grazing cattle and sheep from Ben Lomond Station and beautiful Paradise ducks flying in pairs over the lake or grazing in nearby paddocks.

Hiking Moke Lake is perfect for people who have limited time but want to connect with nature and get off the beaten track. It’s a great walk for people of all ages.

Moke Lake won’t disappoint!

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